Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Poem #493

Ride the Wind

Spread your arms as the wind blows by,
Suddenly feeling as if you could fly.
The air sends a refreshing scent through my nose,
Which runs through my body and spreads to my toes.

I bend my knees and push off the ground,
And I’m swept to the sky and spun around.
Then riding forward above tall trees,
I hang on tight to the flow of the breeze.

Feeling so free in the wind’s cool embrace,
Soaring through beautiful wide open space.
Twirling around in the happy feeling,
I can fly as high as I want, there’s no ceiling.

Riding the wind into a world far away,
I feel that I’ll be reaching a much better day.
I drift through the sky, off into the night,
Where I land to rest and end my flight.

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