Saturday, July 9, 2011

Poem #496

Bound Together
Bound together like the spine of a book,
Spelling out the story of our lives, what we share.
The words blossom on the page, riding the wind,
Which blows them over the turning pages.
Our hands held tight, our fingers weaved into the other’s,
Spun together like the threads of a homemade quilt.
Every stitch spells out a timeless tale of our love,
A song from the heart, sung for all generations to hear.
Our hearts are tied together, sealed with a kiss,
Like a package, wrapped up with love and care, tied with a bow.
It’s ready to be unwrapped, released into the world and shared.
A beautiful present, one which money could never by.
Our love is like a gorgeous painting, colors flowing perfectly together,
Creating a work of art, a picture of indescribable beauty,
As our love is so strong, created in a way which has no words.
There is no earthly force that is powerful enough to tear us apart,
To separate the strong bonds which hold us in love.
And nothing can take me away from your arms,
As long as we are forever bound together.