Sunday, July 10, 2011

Poem #497

Swept Away

The water engulfs me, swallows me whole,
Engulfing me in its powerful darkness.
Sharp, icy daggers pierce straight into my soul,
And wrench my heart from my very chest.
I am tossed and turned, whipped through the abyss,
As I struggle to raise myself back to the surface.

I ride ever faster through the winding road,
Past sharp, rough rocks which tear at my skin.
And throw me away like a piece of trash,
While I fly over them as they break up my path.
There’s no one out there to reach my outstretched hand,
And pull me back to safety on the firm ground.

And, tired from my struggle, I lie back to rest,
Letting myself melt into the strong current.
I give my body up to the intense, deep swells,
And let my lungs fill with this salty potion.
It rips at my throat, brings me no peace,
And in seconds, my body gives up its fight.

I was swept away into the watery grave,
Never to surface out of my eternal, quiet sleep.

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