Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poem #499

Turn Off the Stars
Past the time when colors splashed through the sky,
Blending together into pleasing shades before our eyes.
After the shining orb which glows up high,
Sunk beneath the surface on which we walk,
Taking with it the brightness which lights our way.
When the sky has turned a deep black,
Blanketed by an endless expanse of nothing,
Which closes us in, protects us in our world.

Tiny white dots adorn the formerly empty space,
Shedding mysterious beams onto the earth,
And gathering us up into its entrancing glow.
But what if one could flip a switch,
Suck the light from the bulbs placed delicately above.
Turn off the stars so everything went dark,
Where all was unseen, invisible to the unaided human eyes.
What if we were all plunged into an empty night?

The safety, assurance that a light was there to guide us,
Something familiar to hold tight to in the unfamiliar murkiness.
The rays which once shone down upon us,
Would no longer be there to illuminate the truth,
To rid us of the places where shadows lurk, waiting.
Then maybe you would finally see,
For once, feel what it was like to be me, all those years ago,
When you left me behind, turned off the stars.

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