Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Poem #500

Woo hoo!! 500th Poem!!

Story Untold

Sit down, let me tell you a story of old,
One that has, up till now, been untold.
So listen close, let the story unfold,
And continue a tradition you must be sure to uphold.

A magical tale which I like to think of,
A man and a woman fell truly in love.
Their hearts joined together, flew high like a dove,
And they hovered up there, just floating above.

Their world was perfect, not a single flaw,
But something persistent began to gnaw,
Attacked the man with its devilish claw,
Which filled him with fear and made him withdraw.

And one day they suddenly fell down from on high,
When he turned and ran without a goodbye.
And all she could do was sit down a cry,
Until all her tears went completely dry.

He wandered around with a pain in his chest,
Never letting up or permitting a rest,
And he finally saw how his life had been blessed.
So he abandoned his path on another quest.

Each step became faster and soon he ran,
Back to the place where it all began.
He thought of that woman in the dress of cyan,
For whom he longed, for which his eyes scanned.

And when he found her, his heart filled with glee,
The most beautiful sight that he ever would see.
And I know she returned his love equally,
For I know that woman; that woman was me.

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