Friday, July 15, 2011

Poem #502


How does it feel to lose something in your life?
An important part of you is ungracefully torn away,
Causing the firm ground to crumble under your feet,
So there is no longer anything solid, reliable, beneath you.
It leaves you hanging, floating in a wide expanse of emptiness,
While you wander around, mind and soul numb.
Never knowing if you will ever settle, come to rest, find a home.

How is it fair? Why does it happen?
Instead of making me grow, I shrink into nothingness.
Part of me has gone missing, beyond the realms of my world,
And I can’t reach out to pull it back.
I spin through the darkness in my mind,
The shadows of the past which cloud my vision,
And the ghosts which haunt my every move.

I feel the hole in my heart, the missing piece of the puzzle,
The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach,
And the tight pull of emotions in my chest.
I lost you before I was ready to let you go.
You were swept away and I was not by your side.
Each time I think, I breathe, I see your face before me,
And I fall to pieces; I lose myself as well.

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