Saturday, July 16, 2011

Poem #503

Break Free

I want to fly free from what holds me down,
Bend my knees and push off from the ground.
Then soar like a bird and fly with the breeze,
Straight through the clouds and over tops of trees.

You had a tether surrounding my mind,
And my true self was something I could never find.
You held me trapped within your control,
Like a prisoner with no hope of parole.

You made me think there was nothing more,
No new moments that life had in store.
You blocked out the truth from my innocent eyes,
And I couldn’t break free no matter how hard I tried.

But I finally gained the strength that I need,
And I tore away and was finally freed.
For once I can see the world that’s real,
Taking the necessary time to heal.

And now I have room to spread my wings,
To experience the world and try new things.
You can’t hold me back because now I’m free,
And I can be who I was meant to be.

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