Monday, July 18, 2011

Poem #505

Today's my birthday :D I'm now 17!!

Holding Hands
Since the very first time our hands intertwined,
I felt the spark of perfection.
My fingers fit neatly in between yours,
And we filled in all the empty spaces.
It made my heart warm to have your hand in mine,
Pulling me out of the cold to which I had been confined.
You turned my world around with that one simple touch.
My arm began to tingle with the feelings of warmth,
Which spread over my whole body, took over my mind.
You masked all my senses but the feelings of love.
It was you and me, the only two people.
All else was a blur; we were alone.
But with your hand in mine, I was no longer on my own,
No more need to feel lonely while I had this moment.
And even now that you’ve release your grip,
I can still feel the imprint of your touch,
Imagine the sight of us, connected together.
And I smile, as the feelings swell up in me once again,
The emptiness is banished, the blank space filled.
We will always be holding hands.

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