Friday, July 22, 2011

Poem #509

Prince and Princess

In a castle that rises up so tall,
With beautiful features and strong stone walls,
A prince and a princess live within the halls,
Listening to all the beautiful bird calls.

The royal couple is quite a sight.
They throw many a ball which lasts all night,
And when she awakes with a terrible fright,
He holds her close, his love shines bright.

They met long ago on a lovely spring day.
As young children, they began to play,
And became great friends in this very way.
Making memories that are there to stay.

They meet beneath the shade of a tree,
Locked in embrace, as happy as can be.
He sits on a stump, she on his knee.
Their love is something one can plainly see.

Out in the woods among the birds and snails,
They ride their steeds up the dirt trail.
These are the moments they will regale,
Because their love is the perfect fairytale.

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