Sunday, July 24, 2011

Poem #511

I Can Only Dream

I wish to float up high forever,
Over tender, airy currents above.
Grab your hand and float together,
The ideal place to cultivate love.

My beating heart pounds in my chest,
As, over the clear blue sky, we reign.
And I'll never tire nor stop to rest,
For endless power surges through my veins.

Slender, delicate wings spread die,
As I escape what weighed me down.
And within my heart, our freedom will abide,
Getting us farther away from my home ground.

Among the clouds of wispy white,
Reveals the deepest desires of my heart.
And the singing birds listen to my plight,
Begging this dream land to never part.

The way I feel seems so cliche,
In a world that will always be fake.
But now that I'm here, this is where I'll stay,
If not for myself, then for your sake.

And though the impossible makes tears stream,
All I can truly do, for now, is dream.

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