Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Poem #514

Deepest Blue

Rolling, turning, the blue deep churning,
Sharp salt burning within my throat.
Yanking, splashing, waves keep crashing,
My limp limbs thrashing all about.

Rising, falling, endlessly sprawling,
Large hills crawling away from land.
Shrinking, swelling, never quelling,
While spelling out my impending doom.

Gulping filling, constantly thrilling,
Sloshing and spilling into my lungs.
Gripping, strangling, around my legs, tangling,
While I am wrangling with all my fears.

Grabbing, dragging, as if they are bragging,
About their weight sagging down on me.
Ripping, tearing, never sparing,
Wearing down my outpouring of strength.

Turning black, no chance to go back,
The waves give slack and let me sink.
Frigid, rushing, against my face, brushing,
Lulling and hushing me into a sleep.

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