Friday, July 29, 2011

Poem #516

Soul Killer

What once brought me joy and excitement,
Has turned on my, like everyone else.
The bright light that shone right before me,
Has been ungracefully extinguished, cancelled out,
And now fills the space with a deathly, dark pall.

                                    Forgotten are the times when my heart used to soar,
The sight of your face bringing my inexplicable pleasure.
Now a dark cloud overpowers us all,
And those times are lost on the frigid winds,
That I feel taking over every inch of my body.

                                    A sharp dagger, taken in the heart of my happiness,
The dissipation of my soul has commenced all at once,
Because of the words you used against me so often.
You sit back and smile, watching your work,
As inside, I slowly feel myself die.

                                     We are falling into the pit, the murky depths of life,
Past the smooth walls with nothing to grab onto,
And our souls float up, in the opposite direction,
Toward the light above us, and into the distance,

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