Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poem #549

If Only

If only you knew who I really was and am,
Could relate, could see deep inside me like before.
Maybe you could finally understand me completely,
Read my emotions, my expressions, my thoughts,
And notice the monster that has taken over me.

If only I could see you like I used to,
Spend the time talking to you like years ago.
Maybe you would’ve listened to me awhile back,
Heard what was going on, what was destroying me,
And you wouldn’t be leaving me behind with no thought.

If only you had reached out to me, pulled me close,
Held me tight and told me everything would be alright.
Maybe I would feel safe in my own skin,
You would’ve protected me from the evils in my mind,
And the actions I could never stop that hurt me further.

If only you had taken the time to find me,
Stop for a minute and think about me.
Maybe I would know that you still cared,
That you still loved me, wanted to help.
Maybe you would’ve been able to save me.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poem #548

Notice Me Now?

I’ve tried so hard through all these years,
To blend into the background.
But when I’m with you, I thought you could see,
Beyond the shield, beyond the stone wall,
Because I always opened the door just for you.

I let you into my heart, into my mind,
Farther in than anyone had ever ventured.
And you seemed to care enough to push on through,
Regardless of what others loathed about me,
To grasp those things you loved about me.

I was always there when times got tough,
To listen to what you had to say,
Reach out a hand and pull you back to the surface.
You used to hear what I had to say,
And wouldn’t turn your back on me no matter what.

But suddenly it seems as though I’ve disappeared.
You no longer see me, listen to what I need to say,
You have left me behind, flown off without me.
And yet you haven’t noticed that anything changed,
You don’t notice how much pain I’m actually in.

Pull down the façade, make sure everything shows,
Carving out my feelings into the features of my body.
Sending you messages, distress signals,
That appear to go unnoticed by everyone.
Just walk on by. I don’t exist.

I try to throw everything out in the open,
Display the pain, carry the feelings on the outside,
Praying and wishing every day for you to finally notice.
I’m falling apart before your eyes but no one sees.
Please help me.

And now I feel invisible, even to you,
Lonely, with no one reaching out as I once did.
You see right past the struggle inside me,
Abandon me during the time I need you the most.
Please come back to get me.

I want to tell you everything, but I can’t find the words.
So I wait for you to grab onto me,
Pull me back up into the air, into the world,
So I can breath one more,
And know that you still care.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Poem #547

October Secrets

The season of crisp winds, crackling leaves,
Beautiful, dark reds and greens painting the world.
The earth is bathed in a yellow-orange light,
And the air smells of the whispers from the trees,
Secret words spread throughout the air,
From ear to open ear, carried through the skies.

Hidden mysteries, lining the empty spaces,
Preparing to be frozen with the winter’s ice.
Shaking branches carpet the ground all over,
Leaving feet a path to walk upon,
To crunch with each step taken forward,
Through the gorgeous autumn wonderland.

We walk, hand in hand, treading lightly through the leaves,
Letting the wintry wind blow back light scarves and hair,
As we share smiles and secret, giggles and truths.
Resting our heads together as we float happily along,
Through the peaceful woods, along the winding path,
And sharing our October secrets as we go.

We make our autumn memories as we hold each other tight,
A season that we will never ever forget.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poem #546


Hearts beat strong, ready to share and connect with others.
Every strong feeling in your body is put into,
A gift that you give from deep down within you.
Ringing with true joy and care,
The things that you do for others will be,
Filled to the brim with many warm feelings.
Everyone in the world enjoys receiving this,
Love, a display of ones true affections for someone else.
This is something we all consider very,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Poem #545

Not Truly Gone

Even though I no longer see you in my life,
I know you are not truly gone.
It may be impossible to see your face again,
But you’ll never leave my heart.

No matter how long you are away,
I know you are not truly gone.
You may have gone missing, be absent from this world,
But you’ll always remain in my thoughts.

I think about you each and every day,
So you’ll never be truly gone.
I hold you close through years of memories,
So we’ll never be too far apart.

The miles stretch farther with all these passing years,
And yet you’re not truly gone,
Because I know in my heart that this gap will be closed,
And one day, we’ll be together again.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Poem #544


Would you please just look at me?
See everything that I can see.
Dig deep down inside my heart,
And see what’s tearing me apart.

Please grab my hand and pull me back,
Before my mind makes another attack.
Bring me back up into the fresh air,
To the life I used to live without a care.

Take me up to the clear, blue sky,
The one in which I once flew so high.
And please bring me back to the home I knew,
The life I know is completely true.

Take me back to your heart, which loved me, so dear,
Pull me in again; hold me near.
Keep me in your tight embrace,
And please hold this smile on my face.

I wish to rejoin this world with ease,
Keep me safe; take me home please.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poem #543


Eyes shoot open to finally drink in the sights,
To breathe in the world around you, refreshing.
Renewing your thoughts and outtakes on life,
And bringing you back to where you should be.

A glimpse at the world is exactly what you need,
To make you feel whole one more time,
Instead of continuing to block out everything, all the pain,
And, instead, filling the emptiness with the joy you forgot.

Open your eyes and see that a new day has dawned,
See that there is a chance for you to be happy again.
Then maybe you could finally come back to life,
Live the way you deserve to, truly smile.

Glimpse the world that was lost to you so long ago,
Glimpse loving arms, waiting to give you a warm embrace.
Glimpse all those people and places, ready to welcome you home,
To pull you back into their lives and keep you safe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poem #542

Write You A Song

If I could think of the right words to say,
I’d spend my whole entire day,
Writing a beautiful, lyrical song,
One to which you could sing along.

It would tell of my undying love for you,
A tale I’d put a lot of thought into.
I describe what lies deep within my heart,
And how I never want us to be apart.

The lines would flow on forever,
And we’d listen to the tune as we sat together.
And in our arms, we’d hold each other tight,
As we swayed to the music late into the night.

Notes bouncing up and down on the page,
Performing their music on the long blank stage.
Rhythm thumping just like a heart beat,
Twirling and curling and sounding so sweet.

Writing you a song that comes from within,
Would be a wonderful way for our love to begin.
And I could show you the feelings that are deep inside,
As we gaze at the stars, lying side by side.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poem #541

The Pier

Smooth wooden planks spread out underfoot,
Raised up by tall pillars, strong and safe.
Crisp blue waters splash beneath the long platform,
And a light spray shoots up, sprinkling your feet.
Sharp, salt smell pierces into your nose and lungs,
And the creak of the boards fill up the little cracks of silence.
Peaceful, deserted, as you walk further out,
Waves slapping at the sides of your pathway.
Enjoying the fresh wisps of air that blow past,
Tenderly brushing your hair, your skin.
And you’re surrounded but the brilliant shades of the sky,
That surrounds you, captures you in it’s beauty.
Streams of people, ghosts in the mist,
Surging back and forth, seemingly miles from where you stand.
Bustling shops, fluorescent colors sending out a warming glow.
There is never a moment so perfect,
So heartwarming, so gorgeous.
Walk to the edge,
Jump, fly, and splash.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Poem #540

The Narrator

The narrator is the star of a tale,
Spinning a story, weaving together the individual parts.
Their way of speaking never becomes stale.
The very first words are where the action starts.

Tell us beautiful, magical details,
Describing every character’s love and fear.
This will be a story that never fails,
To touch the hearts of all who hear.

The lyrical words flow beautifully along,
Poke right into you and pull at your soul.
The plot is growing to be very strong,
And dragging you in and swallowing you whole.

And all too soon the story comes to an end,
It was beautiful, touching, brilliant, and bold.
It has felt to you like a wonderful friend,
But you’ll just have to wait for new one to be told.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poem #539

They Ask Why

I stand up tall and reach toward the sky,
Watching the clouds as they soar by.
Under the shade of the trees, I try,
To imagine what resides there, up high.

And the birds, in their songs, they ask why,
Why should anyone not wish to take off and fly?

Their musical phrases feel like some sort of test,
One in which we all race to be better than best,
And now, in this tangle, no one will have guessed,
That this chaos would never provide us with rest.

And the birds, in their songs, they ask why,
Why should anyone not wish to take off and fly?

In the life we all live in this world so vast,
Each and every day flies by so fast,
And we barely acknowledge that time has passed.
We’re not sure how to make each moment last.

And the birds, in their songs, they ask why,
Why should anyone not wish to take off and fly?

I close my eyes, let darkness fall,
Bringing in that end-of-day pall,
Mind wandering, thinking back on it all,
And I listen, again, to those birds call.

And the birds, in their songs, pull me into the sky,
Singing, this is why we all should fly.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Poem #538

Dear Diary

Dearest Diary,

I’m not sure how to say what I feel.
Everything has flooded my mind, pulled me under,
Pitched me into a cloudy darkness, terror,
With a stench that pierces right into my soul.
Coughing, choking on what I push down deep,
It digs its claws relentlessly into me,
Tearing away all that remains of who I was,
And leaving an empty shell that goes unnoticed.
I gather dust in my quiet corner of torture,
One passed my, so easily, willingly overlooked.
No one wants to see me, reach out to this broken spirit.
Dropping down, falling through the cracks of the earth,
Separated from the sunlight, the rays of hope.
But I still can’t explain how I feel.
It’s an endless struggle, a battle I’m losing.
How am I supposed to say how I feel,
When my lungs are full of sorrow, swollen shut,
And I am drowning on every word and thought?
Where do I start?

Dear Diary,

Friday, August 19, 2011

Poem #537

Let Me Fall

Let me fall,
            Never stopping.
Spiral down
Calling for help but
            No one is
What world am I
Help me help me
Struggling limbs force upward,
            Pull me out from the
Cough out sour air,
            Burn in my lungs,
                        Rip, tear.
Save me Save me
Crush me, feelings don’t matter,
            Numbness has taken me captive,
                        I can’t feel
Where am I? Dark pall,
            Why am I here? I fall,
                        Am I supposed to feel? Spirits call,
This place
You made this creature,
            Monster, claws, teeth,
                        Snag in the crimson velvet air,
I am gone.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poem #536


I jump to my feet and race toward the ends of the Earth,
Feeling gravity’s pull yank at the end of the chains,
Pulling and pushing me into the mold I will never fit,
But matter how hard I am pressed into myself.

The brick presses down, my lungs struggle.

With a snap and a crack, I am loosed from the grip,
And I tumble forward, head over heels, spinning, weightless.
Spun ‘round in the whirling wind’s route, above, below, side to side,
Never touching down on solid ground.

I am spiraling out of control.

Tumbling, diving, twirling around in the oblivion,
Limbs snapping back and forth, snagged on unseen obstacles.
Propel forward, don’t lose your hold on life,
Let yourself be taken over, let it fill all the empty spaces.

I am full once more.

And I’m in between, a level of ecstasy new to all minds,
Unimaginable peace amidst the intensity,
And Earth finally lets go, relinquishes all responsibility,
As my body flies off into Elsewhere.

I have arrived.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poem #535

I thought I'd try something new so I wrote today's poem in Spanish :D There is an English translation beneath it!

Beso de Amor

El beso de amor, el momento más hermoso,
Cuando la tierra se detiene, se detiene en sus brazos,
Y te acaricia con la magia de licitación de sentimiento,
Lo que hace que tu corazón se elevan hasta las nubes suaves.

Los labios de bloqueo en un cálido abrazo, el ala de la emoción.
Mantenga cerca de mí, así que no puedo dejar este sueño.
Que se fusiona, dos personas se convierten en uno,
Y el mundo se convierte en una extensión de lienzo en blanco.

El beso de amor, me mantiene atrapado en una fantasía,
Y es que le pido a quedarse para siempre.
Nunca suelte mi mano, me dejó la vuelta y alejarse,
Deje esta detrás de todo, olvidar un solo instante.

Este beso se muestra la verdad, los sentimientos, sin definición.
Que residen en mi mente, la escena se repite indefinidamente.
El momento en que nuestros labios se encontraron, sentí el calor de tu tacto,
Yo sabía que este era el verdadero beso de amor.

Kiss of Love

The kiss of love, the most beautiful moment,
When the earth stands still, pulls you into its arms,
And caresses you with the tender magic of feeling,
Which makes your heart soar up through the soft clouds.

Lips lock in a warm, tight embrace of emotion.
Hold me near so I can never leave this dream.
We blend together, two people become one,
And the world becomes a blank expanse of canvas.

The kiss of love, it keeps me trapped in a fantasy,
And it is where I pray to stay forever.
Never release my hand, let me turn and walk away,
Leave this all behind, forget a single moment.

This kiss shows truth, feelings without definition.
Residing in my mind, the scene repeats endlessly.
The moment our lips met, I felt the warmth of your touch,
I knew that this was the true kiss of love.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poem #534

You Left

Abandoned on the side of the road, left to the monster,
I have nowhere to go, forgotten, out in the cold.
I need you to come back for me, hold my hand tight in yours,
Pull me back on the right path and keep me safe from myself.

The world is kind to some; they walk it in comfort,
As is the case for you, in your perfect world.
But you tend to forget that there are others less lucky,
And me, the one you love, am one of them.

You say you understand, that you can relate,
Even when you don’t stop to hear the whole story.
You say you have felt all that I now feel,
But you barely even understand a fraction of it.

Gone are the days when you held me close by,
Listened to the words that were tearing me apart.
Comforted, protected me from the daggers thrown at my heart,
And yet this new change in you hurts me even more.

I truly want you back by my side, my partner in crime.
Our carefree days of childish joy, long gone,
Lost in the black swirling cloud which engulfs my mind,
And you haven’t even noticed.

We were so close, always by each other’s side,
But now, I’m afraid we’ve drifted farther apart.
Ever since you left me, I feel like you’ve never glanced back,
Do you care about me anymore?

You left me here to crash down.
You left me here to fade away.
You left me here to sink deep and drown.
You left me here and you don’t even know.

Please come back for me…

Monday, August 15, 2011

Poem #533

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the surface lie all the things left unsaid,
Thrashing about in the dark cloud of torment, overtaking.
The emotions boil deep within, rising and falling,
Just like the tide, a horrible flood, yanking and tugging,
Until I have been completely devoured, dissolved to nothing.
Tearing, ripping, shredding, shards of pain keep stabbing,
Destroying anything inside that crosses its path.
And the beast never pokes its head above the surface.

Beneath the surface lie the joys, pushed all the way down,
Diluted by the dark attacker that no one can hold back.
Happiness you never knew existed, constantly masked,
Because you never tried to reach it, save its life,
Bring it back into the light and save me from myself.
There is a bright side which wants to escape again,
Fight its way back to the top, defeat the beast.
But without your help, it lies deep beneath the surface.

Beneath the surface lies a warm, beating heart,
One that is filled with nothing more than love for you.
But you won’t recognize that what it needs so much is you,
To thrive, defeat the demons attacking the soul.
My love needs to be shared, released into the world,
Before the pressure building in my chest bursts out.
And now I’m numb, there are no feelings left,
Because, beneath the surface, I hid myself away.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Poem #532


Air, tinged with the sharp smell of salt, wafted toward you,
Traveling from the depths of the crashing blue,
Which washes upon the grainy shores on which you stand.
The rough touch of warm sand flows in between your bare toes,
Scraping pleasurably against the soles of your feet.
Rushing wind, pounding waves, the high-pitched call of gulls,
The symphony of nature rings constantly in your ears.
Listen close; you dare not miss a second.

Wash your troubles away in the crystal clear waters,
Letting the crisp, cool liquid lightly caress your skin.
Flowing in, engulfing quickly, pulling away into the abyss,
Daring you to follow its enticing call further into the calm blue.
Silent message, be at peace, let it take you,
As you drink in the surroundings till your thirst is quenched.
Tug me in, make me go, into the unconquered beyond.
Float in the balance between reality and imagination.

Take me in, keep me there in you grasp,
The voices, the rush of the crowds does not stir my mind.
Sit in a trance, beauty driven daze,
Time frozen, a still life does not move on.
The seaside holds a wondrous power, an inexplicable magic,
Calls us in with an unseen force of undeniable power.
Nature’s beauty knows no bounds,
And entraps us in its mighty embrace.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poem #531

Butterfly Wings

Crystalline appearance, smooth and transparent in the light,
Delicate veins running the paper-thin surface, breaking.
Sparkling in the sun’s brightness, glowing, angelic.
A brilliant creation of nature, they are the epitome of beauty,
Impossibly intricate, each and every one a work of art,
Filled with an extensive pallet of all colors imaginable.

They catch the wind, ride over the ground,
Speeding, floating airily as the breeze caresses them,
Lifting the long, thin body away from its home.
It hangs onto the air, gliding effortlessly through the world.
People stop everywhere to admire nature’s fine work,
As the butterfly inspires the minds of them all.

Fluttering around, circling right above my head,
And landing lightly on each blooming flower surrounding me.
Looking so free, weightlessly floating wherever it pleases.
It makes my heart soar, beating fast from the utter joy.
My eyes grow wide as I drink in the picturesque sight,
My head turns fast, not wanting to miss a single second.

And I wish to spread my arms, sprout butterfly wings,
Ascend on the delicate breeze and finally be free,
Free to do what I want, go wherever my heart desires.
So I fall back into the soft green carpet of the grass,
Spreading my limbs out and shutting my eyes tight.
And soon I am lifting off the ground, joining the skies.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem #530

Words Flow

Lines of running characters, spelling out a story,
Long and flowing, engraved forever in ink.
Large, curving letters, careful black scrawl,
Words from deep within the heart of the writer,
That explain the innermost feelings that even they didn’t know.

Words flow continuously from the inspired hand,
Running quickly back and forth, not wanting to miss an idea.
Spelling out each thought, meticulously divided in the mind.
Inspired by everything that the world has to offer.
Nature makes a beautiful piece of art.

Words flow, consistent in meaning but full of variety,
Not a single dull phrase is offered up to the pen.
Dedication, love, a rush of pure joy,
Flying on a high of delight stemming from the endless possibilities,
And the underlying tales, hidden within the creation.

So let the words flow, never hold them back,
Or let them build up until all is lost, forgotten among the mind’s rubble.
Let emotions burst forth, flood onto the waiting page.
A whole realm is begging to have the blank space filled,
With each and every inspiration that comes into your mind.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Poem #529

Don’t Look Back

The toughest days have finally passed,
A happier life has arrived at last.
And you can forget those tears you’ve cried,
The ones which time has finally dried.
You’re in the clear, lived through the strife,
And dodged the painful stabs of life.

So don’t look back on those darkest days,
The times when you fell apart.
Life brings you joy in so many ways,
You’ve just got to open your heart.

Support and love have pulled you through,
And have presented you with strength renewed.
You’ve broken free of what weighed you down,
Put your feet back on solid ground.
And you can almost reach the light,
Which means a future, fresh and bright.

So don’t look back on those darkest days,
The times when you fell apart.
Life brings you love in so many ways,
You’ve just got to open your heart.

Now, all the times that have kept you stressed,
Have disappeared and given you a rest.
It’s time to breath a sigh of relief,
And contrary to the public belief,
You’ll be alright, old chapters close,
And block out every one of your darkest woes.

So don’t look back on those darkest days,
The times when you fell apart.
Life brings you peace in so many ways,
You’ve just got to open your heart.

What life gets tough, tries to knock you down,
And you don’t know where to start.
Don’t look back, just stand your ground,
You’ve just got to open your heart.

Love and joy will fill in your heart’s crack,
As long as you keep going and never look back.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poem #528

Watery Grave

The stony cold lonesome stretches for miles on end,
Dark blue expanse with so many unseen terrors.
Sloshing, rushing quickly past both my ears,
Drowning me in a cacophony of mystical voices.
My limbs thrash about, quickly yet oddly calm,
As I wander around, feeling my way through the dark.
Pushing against the thick walls, I move forward,
Propelling myself through the world below us.

Unseen voices speak my name, calling out to me.
From all direction their phrases sound, whispering.
Featureless bodies stream all around me,
Their smooth scales brush softly against my skin.
I reach out again as if I can feel the path,
Just as a pain begins to build up in my chest.
Something is pressing down on me, closing me in,
And I need to breath, I need some air.

Wrenching my eyes open, I can see all around me,
Eyes and throat stinging with the scratching of salt.
And though I am losing some battle with nature,
I feel oddly at peace as I fall farther under.
Tangled amongst the tendrils of slippery plant life,
Giving myself up to the bed of ocean floor, sinking down.
Letting go of my breath, the rest of my life and world,
And allowing the grave of water to settle over top of me.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Poem #527

Heart Wide Open

Open your heart as wide as can be,
Hold out your hand and you will soon see,
A plethora of love flowing into your heart.
When making new friends, it’s a good way to start.

You’ll notice that happiness will fill you quite fast,
Pull you into the future and out of the past.
Learning how to express what you feel,
Gaining the strength that you require to deal.

Making strong friendships by welcoming everyone in,
Waiting for wonderful relationships to begin.
Just keep your heart wide open to all,
Then they will be there to catch you whenever you fall.

Take part in the moment, there’s nothing you’ll miss.
Enjoying each day with a newfound bliss.
Go outside and plant a new seed.
A wide-open heart is all that you need.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Poem #526


Beneath the soft, green leaves of overhanging trees,
I lie down in the shaded carpet of grass.
The bright, warm rays of the sun above,
Shine through the cracks, sending a comforting glow.

Among the flowers, gorgeous rainbows in bloom,
Wafting perfumes fill the air and overpower the senses.
Blades of grass rustle in the whistling wind,
And blow each lock of hair back from my face.

The setting, so romantic, inspires my mind,
Painting an artistic vision right before my eyes.
The picturesque landscape stretches out for miles,
And makes me imagine all the possibilities for creation.

In the awe-inspiring beauty of nature itself,
My heart melts within my chest from the sights.
Breath-taking wonders, joy flooding through my veins,
And filling me with a powerhouse of emotions.

And as the sun begins to set on the horizon,
They sky turns shades of purple and pink.
My sanctuary begins to fade with the light of day,
And I ride away with it, right into my dreams.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poem #525

Happy Endings

You seem to make the world shine bright.
Your smile lights up the darkest night.
When I’m with you, that’s when I feel whole.
You make my heart beat, and light up my soul.

My dream is fulfilled each and every day,
And you make it come true in every way.
And when you hold me in your arms,
I feel protected, safe from all harms.

I’ve searched for romance far and wide,
And finally I’ve got you here by my side.
I want you next to me forever,
Just you and me, in love, together.

The feeling of love is so divine,
With my hand in yours and yours in mine.
Your emotions are free; your heart is at rest,
Because happy endings are the best.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poem #524


Crystal features, sparkling bright for all to see,
Reminding us of the sheer exquisiteness the world can bring.
Your senses overflow with the rush of picturesque spectacles.
Shining, glistening in the bright glow of the sun’s light.
Trickling waters or carved works of glass art,
All are filled with that eye-catching crystalized splendor
Limpid sight, inspiring beautiful thoughts within the mind and,
Letting the eyes be pleasured by its breathtaking look.
Intricate details, each with it’s own unique gleaming appearance.
Never losing its original gloriousness and appeal.
Effervescent beauty in anything that is completely,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Poem #523

Curtain Call

The curtain’s down, the time is now,
I should come out and take my bow.
The show went well, the best by far,
And I feel exactly like a star.
The lights go out, the room’s pitch black,
As I make my way around the back,
And push the velvet curtain of red,
Aside, before another word is said.
My feet sound loud against the wood floor,
As I make my way on stage once more.
I see the faces of the crowd,
And suddenly, the room’s quite loud.
The sound of cheers, they rise and fall,
As I step out for my curtain call.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Poem #522


Something that signals what you need to know,
Your mind will match up the needed information.
Meanings lie hidden beneath the surface of the words,
Because you are privy to the deep secrets.
Outlining the underlying mysteries, details, and,
Long stories, which no one need tell.
It’s all in the symbol, hidden in the phrases,
Connecting your mind to everything that is important and,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Poem #521


Pushovers are quick to give in to other people’s wishes.
Usually someone who wants to please others.
Someone whose opinion is very easily swayed.
However, some will try to take advantage of them,
Or use this quality, out of greed, to get whatever they want.
Very prone to letting others do whatever they please.
Everything seems too easy to receive, when in,
Reality, you are just dealing with someone who is a,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Poem #520


Twist in circles, curl around,
Spinning down right to the ground.
Curving all over, weave in and out,
Spiraling and flying all about.
Dizzy, crazy, it won’t ever stop,
Not until its complete from bottom to top.
It’s twisting and churning,
The lines keep on turning.
Fluidly drawing, colors effortlessly flowing,
A train of thought is what’s showing.
A gorgeous design from deep in the mind,
Something unique that’s difficult to find.
Spiraling around, far from defeat,
This artistic shape is now complete.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Poem #519


Redeeming qualities offset the unfortunate ones.
Everyone has his or her faults, no one can be perfect.
Diluting the poor aspects to bring out the wholesome ones.
Equalizer of the assortment of talents and faults,
Every human on Earth will always possess.
Mixing in all the essential parts that make up who we are.
It saves the good and makes it more prevalent.
Necessary to make us whole and complete human beings.
General, each and every one of us has a quality that is,