Monday, August 8, 2011

Poem #526


Beneath the soft, green leaves of overhanging trees,
I lie down in the shaded carpet of grass.
The bright, warm rays of the sun above,
Shine through the cracks, sending a comforting glow.

Among the flowers, gorgeous rainbows in bloom,
Wafting perfumes fill the air and overpower the senses.
Blades of grass rustle in the whistling wind,
And blow each lock of hair back from my face.

The setting, so romantic, inspires my mind,
Painting an artistic vision right before my eyes.
The picturesque landscape stretches out for miles,
And makes me imagine all the possibilities for creation.

In the awe-inspiring beauty of nature itself,
My heart melts within my chest from the sights.
Breath-taking wonders, joy flooding through my veins,
And filling me with a powerhouse of emotions.

And as the sun begins to set on the horizon,
They sky turns shades of purple and pink.
My sanctuary begins to fade with the light of day,
And I ride away with it, right into my dreams.

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