Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem #530

Words Flow

Lines of running characters, spelling out a story,
Long and flowing, engraved forever in ink.
Large, curving letters, careful black scrawl,
Words from deep within the heart of the writer,
That explain the innermost feelings that even they didn’t know.

Words flow continuously from the inspired hand,
Running quickly back and forth, not wanting to miss an idea.
Spelling out each thought, meticulously divided in the mind.
Inspired by everything that the world has to offer.
Nature makes a beautiful piece of art.

Words flow, consistent in meaning but full of variety,
Not a single dull phrase is offered up to the pen.
Dedication, love, a rush of pure joy,
Flying on a high of delight stemming from the endless possibilities,
And the underlying tales, hidden within the creation.

So let the words flow, never hold them back,
Or let them build up until all is lost, forgotten among the mind’s rubble.
Let emotions burst forth, flood onto the waiting page.
A whole realm is begging to have the blank space filled,
With each and every inspiration that comes into your mind.

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