Saturday, August 13, 2011

Poem #531

Butterfly Wings

Crystalline appearance, smooth and transparent in the light,
Delicate veins running the paper-thin surface, breaking.
Sparkling in the sun’s brightness, glowing, angelic.
A brilliant creation of nature, they are the epitome of beauty,
Impossibly intricate, each and every one a work of art,
Filled with an extensive pallet of all colors imaginable.

They catch the wind, ride over the ground,
Speeding, floating airily as the breeze caresses them,
Lifting the long, thin body away from its home.
It hangs onto the air, gliding effortlessly through the world.
People stop everywhere to admire nature’s fine work,
As the butterfly inspires the minds of them all.

Fluttering around, circling right above my head,
And landing lightly on each blooming flower surrounding me.
Looking so free, weightlessly floating wherever it pleases.
It makes my heart soar, beating fast from the utter joy.
My eyes grow wide as I drink in the picturesque sight,
My head turns fast, not wanting to miss a single second.

And I wish to spread my arms, sprout butterfly wings,
Ascend on the delicate breeze and finally be free,
Free to do what I want, go wherever my heart desires.
So I fall back into the soft green carpet of the grass,
Spreading my limbs out and shutting my eyes tight.
And soon I am lifting off the ground, joining the skies.

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