Monday, August 15, 2011

Poem #533

Beneath the Surface

Beneath the surface lie all the things left unsaid,
Thrashing about in the dark cloud of torment, overtaking.
The emotions boil deep within, rising and falling,
Just like the tide, a horrible flood, yanking and tugging,
Until I have been completely devoured, dissolved to nothing.
Tearing, ripping, shredding, shards of pain keep stabbing,
Destroying anything inside that crosses its path.
And the beast never pokes its head above the surface.

Beneath the surface lie the joys, pushed all the way down,
Diluted by the dark attacker that no one can hold back.
Happiness you never knew existed, constantly masked,
Because you never tried to reach it, save its life,
Bring it back into the light and save me from myself.
There is a bright side which wants to escape again,
Fight its way back to the top, defeat the beast.
But without your help, it lies deep beneath the surface.

Beneath the surface lies a warm, beating heart,
One that is filled with nothing more than love for you.
But you won’t recognize that what it needs so much is you,
To thrive, defeat the demons attacking the soul.
My love needs to be shared, released into the world,
Before the pressure building in my chest bursts out.
And now I’m numb, there are no feelings left,
Because, beneath the surface, I hid myself away.

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