Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Poem #534

You Left

Abandoned on the side of the road, left to the monster,
I have nowhere to go, forgotten, out in the cold.
I need you to come back for me, hold my hand tight in yours,
Pull me back on the right path and keep me safe from myself.

The world is kind to some; they walk it in comfort,
As is the case for you, in your perfect world.
But you tend to forget that there are others less lucky,
And me, the one you love, am one of them.

You say you understand, that you can relate,
Even when you don’t stop to hear the whole story.
You say you have felt all that I now feel,
But you barely even understand a fraction of it.

Gone are the days when you held me close by,
Listened to the words that were tearing me apart.
Comforted, protected me from the daggers thrown at my heart,
And yet this new change in you hurts me even more.

I truly want you back by my side, my partner in crime.
Our carefree days of childish joy, long gone,
Lost in the black swirling cloud which engulfs my mind,
And you haven’t even noticed.

We were so close, always by each other’s side,
But now, I’m afraid we’ve drifted farther apart.
Ever since you left me, I feel like you’ve never glanced back,
Do you care about me anymore?

You left me here to crash down.
You left me here to fade away.
You left me here to sink deep and drown.
You left me here and you don’t even know.

Please come back for me…

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