Thursday, August 18, 2011

Poem #536


I jump to my feet and race toward the ends of the Earth,
Feeling gravity’s pull yank at the end of the chains,
Pulling and pushing me into the mold I will never fit,
But matter how hard I am pressed into myself.

The brick presses down, my lungs struggle.

With a snap and a crack, I am loosed from the grip,
And I tumble forward, head over heels, spinning, weightless.
Spun ‘round in the whirling wind’s route, above, below, side to side,
Never touching down on solid ground.

I am spiraling out of control.

Tumbling, diving, twirling around in the oblivion,
Limbs snapping back and forth, snagged on unseen obstacles.
Propel forward, don’t lose your hold on life,
Let yourself be taken over, let it fill all the empty spaces.

I am full once more.

And I’m in between, a level of ecstasy new to all minds,
Unimaginable peace amidst the intensity,
And Earth finally lets go, relinquishes all responsibility,
As my body flies off into Elsewhere.

I have arrived.

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