Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Poem #541

The Pier

Smooth wooden planks spread out underfoot,
Raised up by tall pillars, strong and safe.
Crisp blue waters splash beneath the long platform,
And a light spray shoots up, sprinkling your feet.
Sharp, salt smell pierces into your nose and lungs,
And the creak of the boards fill up the little cracks of silence.
Peaceful, deserted, as you walk further out,
Waves slapping at the sides of your pathway.
Enjoying the fresh wisps of air that blow past,
Tenderly brushing your hair, your skin.
And you’re surrounded but the brilliant shades of the sky,
That surrounds you, captures you in it’s beauty.
Streams of people, ghosts in the mist,
Surging back and forth, seemingly miles from where you stand.
Bustling shops, fluorescent colors sending out a warming glow.
There is never a moment so perfect,
So heartwarming, so gorgeous.
Walk to the edge,
Jump, fly, and splash.

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