Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Poem #542

Write You A Song

If I could think of the right words to say,
I’d spend my whole entire day,
Writing a beautiful, lyrical song,
One to which you could sing along.

It would tell of my undying love for you,
A tale I’d put a lot of thought into.
I describe what lies deep within my heart,
And how I never want us to be apart.

The lines would flow on forever,
And we’d listen to the tune as we sat together.
And in our arms, we’d hold each other tight,
As we swayed to the music late into the night.

Notes bouncing up and down on the page,
Performing their music on the long blank stage.
Rhythm thumping just like a heart beat,
Twirling and curling and sounding so sweet.

Writing you a song that comes from within,
Would be a wonderful way for our love to begin.
And I could show you the feelings that are deep inside,
As we gaze at the stars, lying side by side.

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