Thursday, August 25, 2011

Poem #543


Eyes shoot open to finally drink in the sights,
To breathe in the world around you, refreshing.
Renewing your thoughts and outtakes on life,
And bringing you back to where you should be.

A glimpse at the world is exactly what you need,
To make you feel whole one more time,
Instead of continuing to block out everything, all the pain,
And, instead, filling the emptiness with the joy you forgot.

Open your eyes and see that a new day has dawned,
See that there is a chance for you to be happy again.
Then maybe you could finally come back to life,
Live the way you deserve to, truly smile.

Glimpse the world that was lost to you so long ago,
Glimpse loving arms, waiting to give you a warm embrace.
Glimpse all those people and places, ready to welcome you home,
To pull you back into their lives and keep you safe.

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