Friday, August 26, 2011

Poem #544


Would you please just look at me?
See everything that I can see.
Dig deep down inside my heart,
And see what’s tearing me apart.

Please grab my hand and pull me back,
Before my mind makes another attack.
Bring me back up into the fresh air,
To the life I used to live without a care.

Take me up to the clear, blue sky,
The one in which I once flew so high.
And please bring me back to the home I knew,
The life I know is completely true.

Take me back to your heart, which loved me, so dear,
Pull me in again; hold me near.
Keep me in your tight embrace,
And please hold this smile on my face.

I wish to rejoin this world with ease,
Keep me safe; take me home please.

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