Monday, August 29, 2011

Poem #547

October Secrets

The season of crisp winds, crackling leaves,
Beautiful, dark reds and greens painting the world.
The earth is bathed in a yellow-orange light,
And the air smells of the whispers from the trees,
Secret words spread throughout the air,
From ear to open ear, carried through the skies.

Hidden mysteries, lining the empty spaces,
Preparing to be frozen with the winter’s ice.
Shaking branches carpet the ground all over,
Leaving feet a path to walk upon,
To crunch with each step taken forward,
Through the gorgeous autumn wonderland.

We walk, hand in hand, treading lightly through the leaves,
Letting the wintry wind blow back light scarves and hair,
As we share smiles and secret, giggles and truths.
Resting our heads together as we float happily along,
Through the peaceful woods, along the winding path,
And sharing our October secrets as we go.

We make our autumn memories as we hold each other tight,
A season that we will never ever forget.

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