Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poem #549

If Only

If only you knew who I really was and am,
Could relate, could see deep inside me like before.
Maybe you could finally understand me completely,
Read my emotions, my expressions, my thoughts,
And notice the monster that has taken over me.

If only I could see you like I used to,
Spend the time talking to you like years ago.
Maybe you would’ve listened to me awhile back,
Heard what was going on, what was destroying me,
And you wouldn’t be leaving me behind with no thought.

If only you had reached out to me, pulled me close,
Held me tight and told me everything would be alright.
Maybe I would feel safe in my own skin,
You would’ve protected me from the evils in my mind,
And the actions I could never stop that hurt me further.

If only you had taken the time to find me,
Stop for a minute and think about me.
Maybe I would know that you still cared,
That you still loved me, wanted to help.
Maybe you would’ve been able to save me.

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