Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey guys :)

Today has been so exciting and I wanted to share this with you :)
A few months back, I entered a writing contest with HarperCollins. The  contest was to recreate a scene from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream and write from the perspective of one of the characters in the scene that you chose. Voting was open to the public for a few weeks and then the top 25 stories (one of which was mine) were read by HarperCollins editors. The editors then chose 5 stories to publish in their printing of A Midsummer Night's Dream. My story was one of the 5 to be published!! And today, I received 10 advanced copies of the book :D I'm officially a published author!! The book will be released in stores on October 18th :D

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Poem #567

There Was Nothing

And then there was nothing, 
No feeling, no sound, 
Just an unwanted guest. 
His life came unwound. 

Tied to the earth, 
The chains gave no slack. 
 He stared straight ahead, 
And nothing stared back. 

This menacing figure, 
Didn’t put up a fight. 
Simply stood on life’s pathway, 
And drank in the light. 

He relied on his strength, 
Fought against the despair. 
But, not moving an inch, 
Nothing still remained there. 

Its temper flared, 
And he began to drown. 
It thrived on this victory, 
And tried to break him down. 

But nothing believed, 
He would finally give in, 
Never once thinking, 
Happiness might win. 

And then, there was nothing, 
Broken down and weak. 
Finally defeated, 
Its future looked bleak. 

The light had returned, 
And reopened his eyes, 
Giving him strength, 
To fight against the lies. 

With nothing defeated, 
And with his mind clear, 
He could finally see, 
Something had always been near.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Poem #566


Whisked away by a sudden breeze, 
Instantaneously catching everything in its path. 
Nature’s scent rides the current. 
Disrupted by a cold gust of air. 
Swept up and brushed aside, 
With the light breath of the world. 
Engulfed by a refreshing draft. 
Pushed into flight in an instant. 
Taken away into the distance.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poem #565

Trying out a new rhyme scheme!

Flower Bud 

Bursting out in a beautiful flood, 
Crimson, red, the color of blood. 
Every year with springtime comes, 
The opening of the flower bud. 

Winter’s cold cuts like a knife, 
Bringing on an icy strife. 
A shroud that covers each end of Earth, 
Before spring comes and brings new life. 

But soon nature ends its fight, 
And spring brings in a glorious light. 
The flower bud holds secrets no more, 
Banishing the endless night. 

The spring opens the flower bud, 
Crimson, red, the color of blood.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Poem #564


A soft, airy sound, riding the wind,
Through the dark of the night.
Winding its way through my mind,
Pounding in my chest,
In time with my beating heart,
Down into my soul, where it stops.
Releasing its power, filling my lungs,
And I hold it, hang on until the last second.
Until there is nothing left but silence,
And the rush is gone.
Then a rumbling deep inside me,
Words tripping over each other in a rush,
Out of my mind, down to my mouth,
And "I love you too" falls from my lips.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poem #563

The Masked Face

Shadows cover a face, a heart, a body,
Leaving a dark shroud to hide it all away,
Amid the black terror of the uninvited night.
I have fallen into the endless abyss, falling forever,
Captured by the pain that poked through the holes in my chest.
My captor never lets me go, chains me down as I fight,
And I scream out, struggle to pull myself up,
Just far enough to capture someone’s attention.
I want to show them that I’m still in here somewhere,
That this isn’t truly me, I’m no different than before.
But everything screams that I am not,
And pushes me down further, deeper into the smothering dark.
I’m someone else, masked by the false personality,
Which is making its home in my body.
And slowly it eats away at me, who I used to be,
Gaining energy from the sadness I can’t control,
Though I try harder than can ever be explained.
I hide behind it, cowering in the shadows, giving up,
And the masked face keeps on living my life,
Not letting me back in, never giving back what it stole.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poem #562

Make Me Feel Again

My heart has gone numb, frozen in its daily rhythm,
My mind has stopped spinning, but no longer moves at all.
Sorrow that once filled my chest to the brim,
Has now lost its bittersweet sting of torment,
And left me with a gapping abyss in its place.
Happiness has fallen farther away from its home in my heart,
Moving on and forgetting I ever existed,
Leaving its job within my soul forever.

Anger has seeped out of my formerly boiling veins,
Leaving in its place a dull, throbbing ache,
Which all too soon fades into complete nothing ness.
And the leftover tears have finally dried,
Drawing stains on my cheeks as evidence of the past.
And leaving a layer of ice, frozen in crystals over my eyes,
So they sparkle with their former pain and sorrow.
But no matter how hard I try, I can no longer feel.

I’m begging you to save me from this darkness,
This world without sight, sound, feeling.
I need to feel something, anything, once again,
As being plunged into nothingness is the worst of all.
Let me up so I can breathe once more,
Pull all the emotions I left behind back into me.
I need someone to save me; I didn’t choose this.
I need to feel again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Poem #561

Lips Sealed

You opened your heart to me, poured out your soul,
Told me everything that was on your mind,
Those things that poke at your heart, fill your chest,
And threatened to burst from your body in a rush.
I sat and listened, took it all in, lightened the burden,
And I kept my lips sealed.

Every time, I was there to lend an ear,
Ready to be there for you, to offer my advice,
And stay by your side through thick and thin.
I never left, never stopped being there to listen.
You asked me to keep what you said private, between us,
And I kept my lips sealed.

When I needed you, you took my words, transformed them into daggers,
And turned them against me, attacked me with them.
You spread those secrets around, starting rumors,
Trying to turn the world, everyone in my life, against me,
Then came back like nothing had happened, because you needed to talk.
And yet I kept my lips sealed.

You betrayed me, hurt me beyond repair,
But my lips are still sealed.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poem #560

Days Passed Us By

We were young, naïve and foolish in thought,
Believing we had endless amounts of time,
That nothing could change where we were.
We lived in a fantasy life; the perfect dream,
One from which we never woke up.
But days passed us by.

Our world was perfect, bright and fresh with youth.
We stayed side-by-side, holding hands through good and bad,
Running through each day on undying love.
Unbelievable perfection took control of us both.
And we thought nothing could touch us.
But days passed us by.

All too soon, we were plunged into reality,
Which made our dream crash down on us.
We found ourselves smothered in the wreckage of life,
And we lost all that was dear to us.
Everything looked and felt different; everything had changed.
We realized days had passed us by.

No matter what life throws our way,
No matter what it steals from our hearts,
It can never sever the ties between you and me.
And even though days passed us by,
And time ravaged our entire world,
We still found those moments for love.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poem #559

Electronic Kisses

Words in white boxes pop up on the screen,
So many letters to say what you mean.
Sending me love the electronic way.
I love to hear what you have to say.

After each line, you end it with a heart,
And every one makes us feel less far apart.
I can hear your voice while I read each note,
And I feel sobs gather in a lump in my throat.

You warm my heart every time you write,
And every time, try as I might,
My heart becomes riddled with a new crack,
And I can’t think of anything but wanting you back.

Our life together will soon begin,
As long as I hold onto you within.
But electronic kisses will help us get through,
Until I can find my way back to you.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Poem #558


Feeling a craving deep inside, tearing through me,
Ravaging my whole body, heart and soul.
My body wants to assuage this feeling,
Wants to fulfill the deep desire in me,
And close the empty space in my chest.
I rumble with the hunger for adventure,
The need for a new experience, for a new life,
And the wish to escape the world in which I’m trapped.
This hunger inside me needs nourishment,
Before it eats me alive, swallows me whole.
I no longer feel satisfied in this life I lead,
I’m ready to eat up new opportunity,
Devour the undiscovered aspects of the world.
I feel the power, a survival instinct, rise up inside me,
Giving me the strength I need to follow my dreams.
I hunger, crave, desire, to find out who I truly am.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poem #557


Fragile works of art decorate the Earth,
Rendering people speechless by their incredible beauty.
Allowing us to see a most stunning side of our world.
Gentle, delicate to the lightest of touches.
Intricate in design; perfectly crafted from capable hands,
Leaving no aspect forgotten, less beautiful than the rest.
It lights up our lives, brings joy to all eyes,
Telling us that nature will always be there for all to enjoy.
You see that our world is full of,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Poem #556

Step In Rhythm

Step in rhythm, move your feet,
Let your soul fill with the beat.
Dance around, jump up and down,
Lift your feet up off the ground.
Jump all over, cheer and shout,
The music moves you all about.
Fast-paced beats, a joyful tune,
Let yourself go, it’s never too soon.
Sing some notes as you go along,
Making up a brand new song.
Swaying, laughing, having fun,
This song is definitely number one.
Step in rhythm, move your feet,
And let your body swing to the beat.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Poem #555


Knowledge is one of the most important things to have.
Never knowing is an avoidable torture for all of us.
Ongoing studies of everything you’ve ever wanted to know.
When you expand your knowledge, you feel amazing.
Letting new information make a home in your mind.
Every day, permitting yourself to learn something new,
Doing everything you can to keep your mind stimulated.
Getting al the facts so your mind is full.
Everyone feels great when they have a lot of,

Monday, September 5, 2011

Poem #554


Detecting and finding what’s hidden deep down,
Investigating until the full story has been found.
Searching for more information and tons of,
Clues to help you learn even more than before.
Only focusing on one topic, very determined.
Veraciously tearing through new mounds of evidence.
Eating up new facts, never satisfied until all is found.
Researching until you find all that you can.
Inspecting everything in sight to find the answers.
Never stopping until you have thoroughly learned everything.
Getting all the facts because you love,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Poem #553

Under the Trees

Lying in the shade under the trees,
Watching the wind rustle the leaves,
And smelling the scent of the cool spring breeze,
And feeling the air brush over our knees.

Among the soft grass, holding your hand,
Resting on the comfortably cold land,
As we imagine ourselves drawing hearts in the sand.
Being in love is so very grand.

Basking in the shade under the trees,
Hearing the sounds of the buzzing bees,
Feeling relaxed, completely at ease,
You give my hand a loving squeeze.

Under the trees until the day is through,
I’ll sit here forever if I’m with you.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Poem #552


Only time for a few things but you have way more,
Very packed schedule and absolutely no time.
Every second of your day is taken up.
Rejecting anything new, anything that you need to do.
Loaded up with too much on your mind.
Over-tired but there’s never any chance to rest.
About to fall over, to fall apart from stress.
Down time is not an option until everything is finished.
Every little thing makes you feel like you will explode.
Don’t become too,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Poem #551

Hearts in the Sand

Lying alongside the cool rushing ocean waves,
Feeling the surf spray over our whole bodies,
As we lie in the toasted grains of sand,
Beneath the clear blue sky above our heads.
Our hands are connected in a tight bond,
As we feel the warm rays of the sun on our faces,
And the light breeze touching our skin.
You let go of me, pushing off the ground,
And I watch you curiously as you step away,
Staring out over the land surrounding us.

The large tan canvas sprawls out for miles before you,
As you stand to survey it, plan your creative masterpiece,
And you go to work, bending down to touch the sand.
I watch as your hand swirls over the ground,
Moving in flawless, fluid motions until your creating is complete.
Then you survey the accomplishment, motioning for me,
And I get up, warm inside from seeing your sparkling smile.
Before us are two hearts, intertwined, each with a letter.
I hold your hand, leaning into your shoulder as I read the word,

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poem #550

Slipping Far Away

The world shrinks away and pushes me out,
Like I have repulsed it, it shudders as it leaves.
And I slide backward into a dark abyss,
Leaving behind all that I used to know and love.
I’ve left all the memories, good and bad,
Lost my footing and slipped off the path.

But there is no one there to see me fall,
No one to notice that I am no longer here,
Just my body, left as an empty shell of what I used to be.
My spirit and mind are else where, have left for a better place,
Wandered free into the atmosphere, down a dangerous path,
Lured into somewhere that gives me hope,
But a place that will never truly exist.

This new world is not safe, not the haven I think,
It tears me to bits, sucking more out of me,
Until I’m completely dried and shriveled up into nothing.
Living in a fantasy is what is happening,
But I can’t see it, it’s the real world to me.
And I don’t want to leave, can’t go back.

This place is warm. This place is safe.
I feel the strength I’ve never had before,
I feel the love I’ve needed all these years but never received.
I have the friends, who help me through everything,
Always stay by my side and never abandon me.
This new life is perfect, a dream come true,
And I’ve been pulled in so far; I can never leave.

As I slip deeper and deeper, I lose what I once had,
Being consumed by this fantasy life,
Which is killing me more than I can even imagine.
But now I’m stuck trapped in this place,
Brainwashed into thinking it’s all so true.
Everything’s fake, its all a lie.

My happiness has never been true.
But everything else is gone.
And now you realize I’ve slipped away,
Been tempted by this dangerous world that enticed me so much.
But it’s too late to save me now,
So why didn’t you save me earlier?
Why did you wait so long?

Why are you just noticing now that I’m gone?