Thursday, September 1, 2011

Poem #550

Slipping Far Away

The world shrinks away and pushes me out,
Like I have repulsed it, it shudders as it leaves.
And I slide backward into a dark abyss,
Leaving behind all that I used to know and love.
I’ve left all the memories, good and bad,
Lost my footing and slipped off the path.

But there is no one there to see me fall,
No one to notice that I am no longer here,
Just my body, left as an empty shell of what I used to be.
My spirit and mind are else where, have left for a better place,
Wandered free into the atmosphere, down a dangerous path,
Lured into somewhere that gives me hope,
But a place that will never truly exist.

This new world is not safe, not the haven I think,
It tears me to bits, sucking more out of me,
Until I’m completely dried and shriveled up into nothing.
Living in a fantasy is what is happening,
But I can’t see it, it’s the real world to me.
And I don’t want to leave, can’t go back.

This place is warm. This place is safe.
I feel the strength I’ve never had before,
I feel the love I’ve needed all these years but never received.
I have the friends, who help me through everything,
Always stay by my side and never abandon me.
This new life is perfect, a dream come true,
And I’ve been pulled in so far; I can never leave.

As I slip deeper and deeper, I lose what I once had,
Being consumed by this fantasy life,
Which is killing me more than I can even imagine.
But now I’m stuck trapped in this place,
Brainwashed into thinking it’s all so true.
Everything’s fake, its all a lie.

My happiness has never been true.
But everything else is gone.
And now you realize I’ve slipped away,
Been tempted by this dangerous world that enticed me so much.
But it’s too late to save me now,
So why didn’t you save me earlier?
Why did you wait so long?

Why are you just noticing now that I’m gone?

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