Friday, September 9, 2011

Poem #558


Feeling a craving deep inside, tearing through me,
Ravaging my whole body, heart and soul.
My body wants to assuage this feeling,
Wants to fulfill the deep desire in me,
And close the empty space in my chest.
I rumble with the hunger for adventure,
The need for a new experience, for a new life,
And the wish to escape the world in which I’m trapped.
This hunger inside me needs nourishment,
Before it eats me alive, swallows me whole.
I no longer feel satisfied in this life I lead,
I’m ready to eat up new opportunity,
Devour the undiscovered aspects of the world.
I feel the power, a survival instinct, rise up inside me,
Giving me the strength I need to follow my dreams.
I hunger, crave, desire, to find out who I truly am.

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