Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poem #560

Days Passed Us By

We were young, naïve and foolish in thought,
Believing we had endless amounts of time,
That nothing could change where we were.
We lived in a fantasy life; the perfect dream,
One from which we never woke up.
But days passed us by.

Our world was perfect, bright and fresh with youth.
We stayed side-by-side, holding hands through good and bad,
Running through each day on undying love.
Unbelievable perfection took control of us both.
And we thought nothing could touch us.
But days passed us by.

All too soon, we were plunged into reality,
Which made our dream crash down on us.
We found ourselves smothered in the wreckage of life,
And we lost all that was dear to us.
Everything looked and felt different; everything had changed.
We realized days had passed us by.

No matter what life throws our way,
No matter what it steals from our hearts,
It can never sever the ties between you and me.
And even though days passed us by,
And time ravaged our entire world,
We still found those moments for love.

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