Monday, September 12, 2011

Poem #561

Lips Sealed

You opened your heart to me, poured out your soul,
Told me everything that was on your mind,
Those things that poke at your heart, fill your chest,
And threatened to burst from your body in a rush.
I sat and listened, took it all in, lightened the burden,
And I kept my lips sealed.

Every time, I was there to lend an ear,
Ready to be there for you, to offer my advice,
And stay by your side through thick and thin.
I never left, never stopped being there to listen.
You asked me to keep what you said private, between us,
And I kept my lips sealed.

When I needed you, you took my words, transformed them into daggers,
And turned them against me, attacked me with them.
You spread those secrets around, starting rumors,
Trying to turn the world, everyone in my life, against me,
Then came back like nothing had happened, because you needed to talk.
And yet I kept my lips sealed.

You betrayed me, hurt me beyond repair,
But my lips are still sealed.

1 comment:

  1. Love relates to me so much! I <3 your writing, it's so difficult to find talented poets who are my age!