Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Poem #562

Make Me Feel Again

My heart has gone numb, frozen in its daily rhythm,
My mind has stopped spinning, but no longer moves at all.
Sorrow that once filled my chest to the brim,
Has now lost its bittersweet sting of torment,
And left me with a gapping abyss in its place.
Happiness has fallen farther away from its home in my heart,
Moving on and forgetting I ever existed,
Leaving its job within my soul forever.

Anger has seeped out of my formerly boiling veins,
Leaving in its place a dull, throbbing ache,
Which all too soon fades into complete nothing ness.
And the leftover tears have finally dried,
Drawing stains on my cheeks as evidence of the past.
And leaving a layer of ice, frozen in crystals over my eyes,
So they sparkle with their former pain and sorrow.
But no matter how hard I try, I can no longer feel.

I’m begging you to save me from this darkness,
This world without sight, sound, feeling.
I need to feel something, anything, once again,
As being plunged into nothingness is the worst of all.
Let me up so I can breathe once more,
Pull all the emotions I left behind back into me.
I need someone to save me; I didn’t choose this.
I need to feel again.

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