Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Poem #563

The Masked Face

Shadows cover a face, a heart, a body,
Leaving a dark shroud to hide it all away,
Amid the black terror of the uninvited night.
I have fallen into the endless abyss, falling forever,
Captured by the pain that poked through the holes in my chest.
My captor never lets me go, chains me down as I fight,
And I scream out, struggle to pull myself up,
Just far enough to capture someone’s attention.
I want to show them that I’m still in here somewhere,
That this isn’t truly me, I’m no different than before.
But everything screams that I am not,
And pushes me down further, deeper into the smothering dark.
I’m someone else, masked by the false personality,
Which is making its home in my body.
And slowly it eats away at me, who I used to be,
Gaining energy from the sadness I can’t control,
Though I try harder than can ever be explained.
I hide behind it, cowering in the shadows, giving up,
And the masked face keeps on living my life,
Not letting me back in, never giving back what it stole.

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