Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Poem #730


A bird that is caged, 
Doesn’t have room to fly, 
As it beats its wings, 
And longs for the sky. 

During its desperate attempts, 
It becomes quite aware, 
Of its longing to escape, 
And take in the fresh air. 

Nature and family, 
Lie out of its reach. 
These strong, iron bars, 
Are impossible to breach. 

It begins to tire, 
And finally gives in, 
But soon it discovers, 
The strength that’s within. 

It rests on the ground, 
And begins to sing, 
Not of its sorrow, 
But of the spring. 

It thinks of the life, 
That it had once known, 
And for a moment, 
Feels like its not so alone. 

That love and that happiness, 
Will always stay, and, 
It knows it can hang on, 
For one more day. 

Nothing can stop it, 
Break its spirit apart, 
As long as it sings, 
Of the love in its heart.

1 comment:

  1. Love this poem! It's very simple yet expressed with pure and innocent feelings :D