Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Poem #735

Night Without Hope

I loosen my grip, start plummeting down,
Rolling away on the cold, wet ground.
Stumbling, tumbling, I can't hear a sound,
In the empty darkness, not a soul around.

And the limbs of the lonely, they rip and they tear,
Begging me to help them, to please stop there.
But my own horrid sorrow is all I can bear,
As I descend into darkness, fast track to nowhere.

I feel trapped, so I struggle to set myself free,
Take in my surroundings; where could I be?
This empty shell left over is nothing like me,
No answers, just darkness, and no chance to flee.

My hands pull in, forgetting their grope, 
For something to hold onto, to help me cope.
And I keep sliding down the never-ending slope,
Down into darkness, night without hope.

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