Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poem #739

Imaginary Friend 

She sees things that aren’t there, 
Talks to people that aren’t there, 
Has fun with them doing things she truly not. 

They are her best friends, 
People who she knows care about her, love her, 
Have always been there by her side to protect her. 

They share everything, 
They know everything about her, 
Part of her life from the very beginning. 

But what started out as a happy fantasy or daydream, 
Is becoming real, tangible, to her. 
This is what is helping her cope. 

They help her survive, to make it through each day,
There when she needs them most, 
When she is not strong enough. 

The thought of being in that world is enough, 
To get her out of the darkness, 
That holds her mind hostage. 

But this world that is helping her, 
Is the secret that is killing her.

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