Saturday, January 18, 2014

Poem #736

Autumn Light 

The morning wakes, so crisp and clear. 
Leaves tumbling down this time of year, 
Make crunching sounds beneath our feet, 
As we go walking down the street. 

And we all run around with smiles, 
Jumping into colorful piles. 
Bundled up against the cold, 
We are characters writing a story untold. 

Gentle winds, a refreshing chill, 
And delicious treats are sure to thrill. 
Caramel apples and pumpkin pies, 
Create a twinkle in our eyes. 

On plump, orange canvases we trace, 
The outline of an eerie face. 
As fireplaces begin to crackle, 
Outside we’ll hear a witch’s cackle. 

Prepare for ghosts and ghouls and fright, 
As excitement builds for that one night, 
When we can be anything at all, 
And celebrate the magic of fall.

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