About This Blog

First year: January 6th, 2010-January 6th, 2011
Second year: March 1st, 2011-March 1st, 2012

January 2014 - Posting new poems randomly.

I've loved to write, especially poems, ever since I began to write in school, so I decided to give myself a challenge. I'm going to write 365 poems in 365 days, so basically from now (2010) until 2011, then I will continue posting still as I write new poems in the future!

The point of this challenge is not to write up all perfect poems (there are definitely hits and misses!), it is to force myself to simply get my ideas down on paper/on the blog, whether the poem turns out the way I want it to or not. This way, I not only have those ideas written up to edit and work on (...or possibly just mark as an epic fail!), but I also gain more writing experience as well as the experience of sharing my work with an audience. At the very end, I'm going to compile all of my work into a book, which I can edit (and maybe one day publish).

I'm doing this blog about it so that i can share my work with people and send out updates on my progress! And who knows? Maybe I'll get some support from some of you, and some feedback on my poems (Don't be afraid to comment! I love feedback!). With some of my poems, I may also explain them and/or what prompted me to write them.

Writing has always help me through difficult times and, with it, I hope to provide some help, something to relate to, and some entertainment and joy for others! I've always loved to share my work with others in the hopes that they will read and enjoy it, and maybe benefit from it. I love to help people and I have a hope that maybe some of my poems will help someone out there in whatever way they need.

I hope you enjoy my blog :)